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Hayman Care Home

39 Trevor Hosken Drive, Wiri, Auckland, 2104

Explore Hayman Care Home

Levels of care:

Hayman sits in a quiet little corner of Wiri where our residents enjoy both the comforts and companionship of home. We’re well known for our family atmosphere and encourage your own family and friends to visit at absolutely any time.

We’re a melting pot of diverse cultural backgrounds. Our carers come from all over the world and together we speak many languages. We also know the importance of being sensitive to the varied cultural needs that you or many of our other residents may have.

Features of Hayman:

  • Friendly to make you feel at home
  • 24 hour assistance
  • Gardens to enjoy
  • Space for some quiet time
  • Communal dining room

Our wide range of activities means there’s plenty to fill your day, no matter what your interest. It’s your choice whether or not you want to take part though, we will always respect your wishes. View times and dates for our upcoming activities.

If you prefer the quiet life, you’re free to relax because it’s up to you how you spend your day. Everybody has different needs and that’s why we give you individual care. As for any  big decisions about your care, we always make sure we talk with you and your family so that your wishes will always be respected.


Hayman boasts an excellent audit record with the Ministry of Health. You’ll find their latest results here.

Additional daily accommodation charges:

Bupa Hayman rooms have additional daily accommodation charges. 

As at 12-May-21, these charges* range from: $0 to $15

Depending on what is available, you will be offered a standard or premium room.

* These charges are updated on this website every six months. These prices are subject to change after the date of publication.