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Cashmere View Care Home

72 Rose Street, Somerfield, Christchurch, 8024
Care Home Manager: Genevive Alcuizar

Levels of care

  • Hospital Care
  • Specialist Dementia (Psychogeriatric)
  • Bupa Short Stay Services

Cashmere View has beautiful surroundings and lovely gardens with plenty of beautiful walks under the magnificent trees at the end of our drive, all bounded by the Heathcote River.

You’ll have plenty of space as our rest home level rooms are large with the majority of them having an ensuite.

We’re well known in the local community for having a very homely atmosphere. Your day is spent how it should be: doing exactly what you like. We do have a large range of activities to get involved with, or you can simply sit and read or enjoy some peace and quiet. 

Our person-centred care means that we like to get to know you personally and find out the things you like and dislike. We find this helps a lot when it comes to understanding exactly what care you need. We also make sure we always talk to you and your family about your care so that your wishes are honoured.

Features of Cashmere View

  • Friendly to make you feel at home
  • 24 hour assistance
  • Outdoor spaces to enjoy
  • Space for some quiet time
  • Communal dining room

Additional daily accommodation charges

* These charges are updated on this website every six months. These prices are subject to change after the date of publication. 

Illustrated Icon Billing $ (1)

Range from

From: $0 to $30

Bupa Cashmere View rooms have additional daily accommodation charges as at 11 April 2024*

Depending on what is available, you will be offered a standard or premium room.

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Aged Care

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