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Bupa New Zealand is one of the leading residential aged care providers.

With 39 care homes around New Zealand, you can trust Bupa to provide a wide range of residential care options, tailored to suit your needs.

Hear from our Bupa families

Aged care testimonial

Helen, Bhaadie and Roy's story

Bupa residents Helen, Bhaadie and Roy enjoy quality of life and independence while embracing the security and peace of mind that care home living offers.

Aged care testimonial

Sharon's story

Bupa was a natural choice for Sharon’s mother-in-law Kamal and husband Suresh, with peace of mind for the family that Kamal’s care needs are met, alongside continued retirement living for Suresh.

Aged care testimonial

Jean and Bruce's story

Jean and her family wanted peace of mind and security for her. She says the care she receives is “top notch” and she’s very happy in what she calls her “new home”.

Aged care testimonial

Nicole's Story

Bupa was the natural choice for Nicole’s vibrant father Gary, who lives with cognitive decline. With the right people around him, Gary transformed from rarely moving to literally dancing down the hallway.

Aged care testimonial

Dianne's story

Bupa’s person first, dementia second philosophy was essential in Dianne’s decision to move her husband Billy to a care home. She and Bupa have worked together to ensure Billy gets the care he needs.

Aged care testimonial

Adrian's story

Trusting Bupa to care for his wife of 50 years was not a decision Adrian made lightly, but Yvonne’s level of care and relationship with staff has given her a second family, and Adrian peace of mind.

Levels of care at Bupa

Rest home

Rest home care caters for individuals who are generally able to get out and about on their own or with a little help, and require some assistance with personal care and day to day activities.

At this level of care people may have some memory loss or a form of dementia, which can usually be supported, providing a safe and suitable environment for their needs.

Hospital care

Our age related hospital care is tailored to meet the needs of individuals facing significant disabilities, medical concerns, and potential cognitive decline. Our experienced registered nurses are always on hand to provide oversight and support, and team members are readily available to lend a helping hand where additional mobility assistance is required.

Dementia care

We understand the importance of a secure and caring environment for those living with dementia. With our ‘Person first, dementia second’ approach, our dementia friendly care homes address safety concerns and provide the necessary support, ensuring wellbeing and peace of mind for our residents and their whānau.

Psychogeriatric specialist hospital

For individuals with mental health or dementia disorders who require highly specialised nursing care for the behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia, our psychogeriatric specialist hospital care provides a secure environment. Our trained care teams are well equipped to handle unique needs, and our secure environment ensures safety and comfort. (also known as Specialist Dementia, or D6).

Featured Care Homes

Moving to a care home is usually something you think about when you need more help and care with everyday things and we understand this can be a difficult time.

At Bupa, we care about your individuality. Our person centred approach means we take the time to get to know you, so we can tailor your care to meet your needs. Our team will be happy to take you through the process for moving into a care home and discuss any concerns you may have when you come in for a tour.

Contact us on 0800 60 80 99 or email us to book a tour today.

Where to start

We're here to help you with care and advice as you start your care home journey.

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