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Levels of care:

Parklands enjoys a great location, close to all local amenities. Our caring reputation extends to the surrounding communities of Papanui, Merivale, St Albans and Strowan.

We have beautiful sheltered gardens to relax in and have a chat. This is your home and we want you to feel comfortable so we encourage you to bring some belongings with you to personalise your room.

Features of Parklands:

• Friendly to make you feel at home.

• 24 hour assistance.

• Outdoor spaces to enjoy while you relax.

• Space for some quiet time.

• Communal dining room.

We enjoy frequent entertainment from local singers, guitarists, bagpipe players, theatre groups and a musical therapist who sings with the residents. Other activities include housie, exercises, music, movies, balloon volleyball, newspaper reading, word searches, hand massage and crafts. How much you want to get involved is up to you; your day is spent doing exactly what you want. View times and dates for our upcoming activities.

Regular activities and events at Parklands

Housie Games Reading groups
Arts and crafts 7 day a week activities Balloon volleyball
Special event parties Exercise classes  

You can enjoy short walks around the old residential houses and gardens around us on sunny days. We also have regular van outings to places such as the beach or Horseshoe Lake, go duck feeding or plane spotting.

Getting to know you personally is a big part of what we like to do in order to give you the best care we can. Everyone has different needs and once we know yours, we can make sure you’re always as comfortable and happy and possible.

You can arrange a time to visit us by contacting our Care Home Manager, Michelle Blackledge on (03) 352 6169 and you're always welcome to drop in and see us during business hours for a chat.

Bupa Parklands Care Home audit with the Ministry of Health, can be viewed here.

Feel free to visit us:

429 Papanui Road, Christchurch

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