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Caring for someone living with dementia? Find out more about care options.

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Finding helpful information on dementia and dementia care can be difficult. There may be a few things that you would like to know; what is dementia?, what should you expect in the future? what dementia care options are there?

As one of New Zealand’s largest provider of dementia care, we can help. The information you’ll find on these pages is drawn from a wide range of experience and knowledge. We hope you find it useful.

Bupa is committed to shaping New Zealand’s dementia care and ensuring that people living with dementia lead happier lives, for as long as they can. This is why we are exploring what we can do to help to create dementia-friendly communities, as well as helping people living with dementia in care homes. We do that by putting the person first, and understanding their individual needs.

Are you caring for someone living with dementia?

Over 70,000 New Zealanders have a dementia diagnosis. It affects 2 out of 3 New Zealanders [1] — people living with dementia, their family, friends and carers — so you are not alone.  

Here are some downloads containing tips, advice and support which you may find helpful:

[1] Source: Alzheimer’s NZ http://www.alzheimers.org.nz/news-info/nz-information/awareness-in-nz

Dementia Expertise

Our passionate care team are trained to a high standard to ensure we are consistently providing excellent care to all residents. They practice person-centred training, which we call ‘Person First’, which teaches the team to tailor care to suit the needs and preferences of every resident.

When a person moves to a Bupa care home we sit with them and their family/Whānau to complete their ‘map of life’ so that we know their history, preferences and what makes them, them. This approach is provided to everyone in our homes and is especially important for those living with dementia. 

Beth McDougall – Dementia Care Advisor

Beth leads our face-to-face dementia training in New Zealand, helping people to understand dementia and the effects it has on people living with it and their families.