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When is it time to move to a retirement village?

As the population of New Zealand ages – there are now 607,032 people who are aged 65 years and over (almost double what it was in 1981), many will consider moving to a retirement village.

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We look at some things that might influence your decision to move into an aged care home:

1. How healthy are you?

How healthy you and your spouse are can be a deciding factor when considering whether or not to move into a retirement village. If you have a health condition that severely affects your ability or your partner’s ability to take care of yourselves, be independent or participate in community life, then other types of care such as aged care homes may be more suitable.

If you are healthy (or relatively healthy), active and are able to manage your own medications or medical needs, then a retirement village may be suitable for you.

2. Do you feel lonely?

It's a sad fact of life that as we get older we have fewer and fewer friends. And, once you retire, you may miss the daily contact with colleagues too. According to research, staying socially active can help you maintain good physical and emotional health. It's believed that those who have a close group of friends and regularly interact with others will live longer and even be protected against illness.

A retirement village can provide you with a ready-made friendship group, plus offer many opportunities to socialise and enjoy outings.

3. Do you still drive?

If driving, or catching public transport, has become difficult or impossible, then a retirement village may offer a solution to your problems. Some retirement villages offer assisted transport which means you may be able to get out and about more and help restore a bit of your independence and confidence.

4. How tidy is your home?

If you are having difficulties keeping on top of the housework, or the garden, then moving somewhere smaller may help reduce this stress and workload. Most retirement villages also offer a cleaning service for an additional fee as well.

5. Are you worried about coping on your own?

If the thought of taking care of your own medication, all meals, transport and housework seems daunting it may be a good move to visit some retirement villages to see how they can lessen the burden.

Deciding to move to a retirement village can be a big decision that requires a lot of thought and consideration but it could be a good move for those who want a bit of social interaction and support whilst still retaining some independence.

If you have any more questions, Bupa is always here to help.

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