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Weekly village quiz time a test of knowledge and fun

Date: 23 Jun 2021

Armed with a cup of tea and pen, the residents of Bupa St Andrews Retirement Village in Hamilton come together every Friday morning for quiz time.  

Weekly village quiz

That’s when their village manager, Carron Huymans turns into quiz master and calls out the questions loudly and proudly. In teams of four or five, the residents sit at tables in the community lounge and are tested on their general knowledge. The quiz has two sets of 20 questions and includes topics such as sport, geography and politics.

Bupa St Andrews Retirement Village Quiz Time2

Carron says her residents are quite competitive but really enjoy testing their knowledge and the time for banter between them.

“This is a high stakes quiz when there’s a round of chocolate fish going to the winning team! Some teams yell out a wrong answer just to put off the others.”

With lots of debate between team members over answers and the geography questions usually stumping the residents, the quiz lasts about an hour each week.

Carron says even if it’s an off day for some, there’s still a bright side with fruit bursts and MacIntosh sweets for the team with the lowest score.