Tips to avoid a slip or fall in the bathroom

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Safety tips to reduce the risk of having a slip or fall in the bathroom

Bath with safety railing

A slip or a fall at any age can be dangerous, but falls become increasingly common and far more likely to cause injury for people after the age of 55 [1]. Many slips and falls happen in bathrooms and areas where there is water or a slippery surface [2]. Take a few moments to check if you need to change anything in your bathroom to reduce the risk of having a slip or fall. Five safety tips for the bathroom include:

1. Non-slip rubber mat

Use a rubber mat on the bottom of the bath or shower to prevent slips. A non-slip mat is textured and should stick securely to the bath, shower or floor. You can purchase these from your local hardware or home store.

2. Bath mat

Use a bath mat to step onto when you get in and out of the bath or shower. This means you won’t leave slippery puddles on the floor. When you’ve finished always hang the bath mat up to dry.

3. Rails

To prevent falls, fit a safety handrail next to the toilet, in the shower and over the bath. Grab rails are a great way to help people, use the bath, shower or toilet without slipping. Make sure grab rails are within easy reach, have a non-slip grip and are secure enough to take a person’s full weight. Rails help people to steady and support themselves when transferring from one position to another and balance when standing, stepping or dressing.

4. Soap dish

In the bath and shower use a soap dish to keep soap off the floor. Another option is to install a shower caddy (hanging or suction pad) in your bath or shower. You can purchase these from your local hardware or home store.

5. How hot is too hot?

Make sure your hot water cylinder is set at the right temperature. The ideal temperature is 55 degrees Celsius when it comes out of the tap and 60 degrees Celsius at the hot water cylinder. If you have any questions ask your local plumber to check your hot water is set to the right temperature.




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