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Protect yourself this winter

Around one in four New Zealanders are infected with the influenza virus or ‘flu’ each year.

Man Blowing Nose

Influenza is a serious illness that can put anyone in hospital with complications or even lead to death, including young and healthy people.

The flu vaccination is free of charge for pregnant women, people over 65, and those with certain medical conditions or a chronic medical illness. According to fightflu.co.nz, if these people get the flu, there’s a higher risk of serious consequences to their health, so having a vaccination against the flu virus helps to reduce the risk.

Immunisation against the flu is safe, effective and cannot give you “the flu”. Getting vaccinated before winter gives you and others the best chance of protection. If you have any questions check out the FAQ’s page.

As per previous years, Bupa New Zealand is offering the flu vaccination free of charge to all employees. This may contribute to the wellbeing of employees and all the people they come into contact with - their families and friends, residents, customers and clients.

Bupa geriatrician Dr Maree Todd said, “Getting the flu vax helps to protect you, your colleagues and most importantly controls spread to the most vulnerable people in our community who we come into contact with every day. These include Bupa residents, young children and people with chronic illness”.

Three reasons why Dr Maree Todd gets a flu vax?

“I don’t want to pass on influenza to any of my frail patients, as it might make them very ill or may even be life-threatening”
“I don’t want to burden my colleagues by getting sick myself or passing it onto them”
“I have the flu vax for my own personal protection. A new vaccination is required each year as the flu virus is cunning and changes from year to year."


For more information about why the flu vax might be a good idea, click here.

Recently Hammond Williamson, the GP for Bupa Parkstone Care Home, was brave and got his flu vaccination from Clinical Manager Luannie Villegas. Hammond said, “I’ve had the flu vaccination every year since 1988. I think for health professionals, having the flu vaccination is the rule, not the exception”.

Hammond Williamson Getting Flu Jab


Bupa New Zealand employees can get their free flu jab. Speak to your manager for details. 

Hammond Williamson, the GP for Bupa Parkstone Care Home (pictured left) getting his flu jab.

Otherwise, you can find out if you’re eligible for a free flu vaccination by calling 0800 466 863 or by visiting the influenza website. When you’re ready to get your jab, make an appointment with your local GP or practice nurse.

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