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Meal presentation is everything for care home chef

Date: 10 Mar 2022

Bupa Eventhorpe Care Home chef, Rajesh James, knows a thing or two about cooking delicious meals – and never forgetting the importance of style, presentation and garnish.

After working in Dubai kitchens and preparing meals for the British High Commission in New Deli, Rajesh says he likes to bring new flavours from around the world to his care home dining tables.

“I like using the fresh ingredients and also giving alternatives to residents like international cuisine. Options such as Mexican, Italian, Thai foods and they have been very well received,” he says.

Chef Rajesh James

The care home menu itself also has different options to cater for everyone, with nutritious pureed options for those residents that require them.

As the former chef of popular Hamilton restaurant Sahara Tent, Rajesh says his signature dish (and most popular) is Mediterranean lamb shanks with kumara mash and gravy.

Even during an Omicron care home outbreak (Rajesh pictured in full PPE and disposable cutlery for safety), the chef puts his all into the presentation of his meals.

“The food has to be presentable, the taste, the texture and look. Residents deserve restaurant level food and the very best in meal presentations. That’s what I always aim for.”