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Keeping moving on a winter morning

Date: 04 Jun 2021

With nine different exercise classes held every week, the residents of Bupa Ballarat Retirement Village in Rangiora are continuing to move and keep active during the colder months.   

Ballarat Village Exercise Class

Village manager Andrea Allott changes up the hour sessions with darts, bowls and exercise sessions on a DVD. Resident Ron Mackie says his favourite exercise classes are the ones where he can use the hand weights and work up a sweat.

"It really does improve my coordination and strength. The morning classes definitely set me up for the day and get my body into action.”

With the Rangiora countryside only a five minute walk away, regular walks and exercise are routine for a number of the residents in the 47 villa village.

Ron says most people like the social interaction too as they all stay to chat and make a cup of tea afterwards.