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Fine food for fine village dining

Date: 10 May 2022

Northhaven Retirement Village turns five star restaurant for residents.

Northdhaven fine dining
Northhaven Fine Dining 1


Bupa Northhaven Retirement Village turned five star restaurant recently as residents enjoyed a sumptuous three course meal.  

The fine dining Autumn themed lunch function had the professional kitchen team whipping up gourmet delights for residents. The menu included soups, beef curries, rack of lamb, and cheescake.

It was an opportunity for the 30 residents, from the Red Beach village, to dress in their Sunday best as they were served each course, along with a glass of wine.

Village resident, Hans Daum says the lunch was delicious, fresh, and the company wasn’t bad either.

“It was so nice to be table served, it really felt like I was at a restaurant. I especially liked the atmosphere.”