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Adventures in the summer sun for village walking group

Date: 15 Feb 2022

The Bupa Parkstone Retirement Village Walking Group took a trip to explore Quail Island, a 200 acre reserve in Lyttelton Harbour.

The village van transported the 16 strong group to the Lyttelton Port where they boarded the Black Cat Cruise boat for the 15 minute trip to the island.

Parkstone RV Walking Group

The walking group includes residents at various fitness levels and each were happy to go at their own pace and enjoy the island surroundings. The eldest member of the group is a sprightly 91 year old who walked round the entire island.

Their adventure saw some of the walkers do a full island loop walk of 2.5 hours, while others opted for a scenic 15 minute walk to Swimmers Beach for a picnic lunch and a dip in the water. 

Quail Island is known for its history of early farming and quarantine station. The island is well signposted and is predator free thanks to the management of Department of Conservation.

Village resident, Paul Davies created the walking group five years ago and says past trips have included excursions to Deans Bush, Halswall Quarry and the Esplanade Walk in Sumner.  

“Everyone loves a good walk and it’s a great opportunity to bond and get to know other residents in our village,” Paul says.

The group boarded the boat back to shore later that afternoon and headed off into a strong easterly wind and some choppy seas. They were all in high spirits after a day of sightseeing, swimming and a whole lot of walking!