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Bupa creates legacy forests with 25,000 trees

Date: 26 Oct 2023

Bupa New Zealand, in partnership with Trees that Count, planted 10,000 native trees this year creating natural assets for local communities and generations of New Zealanders.

The 10,000 trees planted this year at three existing legacy forest locations in Hamilton, Napier and Christchurch join 15,000 trees planted at these same sites last year; Pirimai Walkway Planting Project in Napier, Waiwhakareke Heritage Park in Hamilton, and the Te Ara Kākāriki Project in Christchurch.

Each legacy forest is intended to create green spaces for the use and enjoyment of future generations and are part of Bupa’s commitment to help create a better world through sustainable action.

Over 300 community volunteers turned out to the three planting events, each contributing to New Zealand’s biodiversity, health and wellbeing, and combating climate change.

“It’s incredible to see local communities pulling together for the betterment of our environment. Creating legacy forests for all New Zealanders to enjoy is part of our commitment to reducing our impacts and improving the health and wellbeing of people and the natural environment."

Bupa Managing Director - Pedro Sánchez

“There are significant links between Bupa’s mission of helping our residents live longer, happier healthier lives and the positive impacts of native trees for the health and wellbeing of local communities.

“We all have a role in protecting this country’s biodiversity and supporting our local communities. This is one small way Bupa can contribute to a more sustainable New Zealand,” he says.


The Bupa Foundation, which has been operating in Australia since 2005, has invested more than $36m (AUD) in over 130 different health and care projects and organisations.


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