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Pay-related remediation at Bupa New Zealand

Updated May 2023

Note: Current Staff please refer to Workvivo for full details. Learn more

On 31 May 2023, we introduced a new process for former employees wishing to raise an application for a remediation payment. If you have been contacted about underpayments and have not yet started an application, please read this page carefully for details on the process.

What’s happened?

A review of Bupa New Zealand’s pay related systems and processes has identified underpayments to some current and former employees. The underpayments relate to the incorrect calculation of some entitlements under the Holidays Act and people’s contracts with Bupa. 

We are truly sorry that this has happened. Our priority is ensuring those people who have been underpaid receive payment, as soon as possible.

We have now finished assessing individual records and identified those employees whose entitlements were not always correct. 

Current employees impacted by underpayments received remediation in December 2022. We have also attempted contact with former employees impacted by underpayments, via email, SMS and post.

If you were employed by Bupa New Zealand between 1 November 2013 – 13 June 2022 but you have not yet lodged an application, you can still do so by emailing remediation@bupa.co.nz.

Please note, not all former employees have been impacted by underpayments.

Frequently Asked Questions

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