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Leafy Easter creations by village floral craft group

Date: 13 Apr 2022

Bupa St Kilda Retirement Village resident Ann Norris had a new challenge for her floral craft group members… create an Easter surprise that grandchildren would enjoy.

The Easter displays included zinnias and peppermint geraniums, bunny statues and chocolate eggs. 

Joy Harris, Ann Bell, Ann Cate, and Joan Parker are also residents of St Kilda in Cambridge and are part of the group that have put together countless arrangements of both dried and fresh flowers.

Ann says her group meet on the second Tuesday of every month and they have fun dreaming up new displays.


“Our flower arranging days were organised to encourage our residents to come and play and create something unique. We use materials we already have using flowers and foliage from our village gardens. No experience needed, just the enthusiasm to have fun,” Ann explains.

The Easter displays can be viewed in the village reception area.