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How to ensure your loved one settles in to their retirement village

Moving house can be stressful, and if you've decided to take the leap and move in to a retirement village, it may be more so. Here are five tips to help you settle in to your new home - in hopefully no time.

Moving into a retirement village can be one of the biggest decisions you'll make as you get older. If you’ve taken the plunge here are five tips to help make your move a little easier:

1. Make your new house your home

It may be tempting to throw out those mementos and start again when you move in. But if you decorate your new home with some of your old furniture, pictures and belongings it can help make your new space seem more familiar and a bit more like home.

2. Sign up for outings

It can be daunting meeting new people or trying new hobbies, especially if you haven’t been in this type of situation for ages. But signing up for the different activities and outing on offer is a great way to get to know the other residents and make new friends. Talk to your village manager about which activities and outings your village has on offer and try and find one that interests you. If there is nothing that interests you, why not speak to the retirement village manager about starting your own club or suggesting a different upcoming outing.

3. Keep your routine

Following the same schedule, you had when you lived at home. This can help you feel more comfortable. So try going to bed at the same time and eating at the same time etc.

4. Entertain visitors

Encourage your family and friends to visit just as regularly as they did in your previous home. This will help re-establish routines, but also ensure that your family and friends know that they're just as welcome in your new home as they were the old.

5. Sort out your finances

Establishing a weekly budget can help you feel more secure in your new home. Knowing how much you have to spend each week, and how much you need to save, can help you plan a healthy financial future. It'll also help you to plan for upcoming things such as travel, outings or large purchases.

Moving into a new home can be daunting for anybody but there are small things you can try to make the transition a little easier

You can find more useful information like this to share with your loved one, by downloading the Bupa About Our Villages brochure.

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