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A typical day

Explore Palmerston North Rehabilitation

Our clinical team will work with you to create an individualised rehabilitation programme. On a typical day you will be immersed in daily activities. 

Mornings can often begin with a group session around breakfast time. The group session is an opportunity to discuss your needs and progress. Depending on your needs, our therapists will assist you in the daily morning routine and help you to re-learn daily living skills. You may be able to choose what you want to eat when you plan your menu and buy groceries. Additional items outside a typical menu plan can be bought if you wish. Otherwise our set menu can be tailored to suit your dietary requirements.

During the afternoon you can either relax, unwind in your room or sit outside with other residents and enjoy the sunshine in the garden area. This is the time where depending on your needs, you will engage in one on one therapy. This part of the day can include activities like:

Re-learning domestic skills: 

You can immerse yourself in activities like cooking, cleaning and doing laundry. You will receive assistance should you require any help with these activities.

Congnitive exercises: 

These are exercises based on each individual's needs. They can be practical or paper based. Practical tasks include 'walk through' exercises of daily activities. Paper based tasks include exercises like worksheets and puzzles.

Physical exercises: 

We have a gym where we do upper limb training, co-ordination exercises, gait training and more.

Community Integration Exercises: 

We can help you find community activities to suit your needs. We will also assist you in making your way around the community and learning how to find transport and amenities.

Evenings can be spent relaxing in your room or getting involved in some of the activities that are organised. There are movie nights, sky sports and get togethers to socialise. 

Visitors are always welcome, please call in advance so that it suits the programme.