Why get a home alarm for an elderly loved one?

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Medical alarms may sound, well, alarming, but they can help put your mind at ease if an elderly loved one is living at home alone. As you can rest easy knowing that help is just a button away.

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Who may need a medical alarm?

Personal medical alarms (PMAs) can be a source of much comfort to elderly loved ones who live alone at home, especially if they are susceptible to falls.]

What do medical alarms do?

A PMA are no longer bulky alarm system that you need to lug around with you. Most alarms are now wireless, so you won't be encumbered by wires when you’re going about your day. Most alarms are worn around the neck (on a chain) so if you require help all you need to do is press it.

Some alarms have a built­in monitor, so if you make any sudden movements it will automatically be activated. When the PMA is activated, this radio signal connects to the base unit (similar in size to a telephone) which is fixed in your home. This dials your alarm company's call centre, who in turn, return the call to your own phone line. If you're unable to answer the call, the call centre will either request emergency health service, or phone your nominated family or friend. PMAs with built­in microphones can be useful if the wearer is hurt or ill and unable to answer the phone, but can explain their predicament or symptoms.

How to determine if your loved one needs a PMA

If you think that your loved one may require assistance for their health, and they live alone, speak to their GP for a referral. A GP can help determine if a medical condition necessitates a PMA (and that an aged care facility is not yet required). Even if your loved one or relative does not have a medical condition, yet you both feel comforted by the thought of 24­hour medical assistance, a PMA can help relieve your worries. This may be of help if you're unable to physically visit your relative every day.

A personal medical alarm can be a small addition to your loved one's life which can make a large difference in their ­and yours ­personal safety and peace of mind.

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