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Turning tears into triumph

Date: 07 Dec 2023

Margaret's journey with Bupa Rossendale

First published in the Hamilton Press: 15 March 2023

Margaret and Maurice, affectionately known as "M&M," have been married for nearly 50 years, and have always been inseparable. During lockdown, Maurice’s health deteriorated rapidly and Margaret began the emotional journey of moving him into care.

“I recall looking through care brochures spread across my kitchen counter and just bursting into tears,” she says. “It was very, very hard.”

After struggling to find the right care home, Bupa Rossendale became the obvious choice as it provided the specialist care Maurice required. Since then, he has undergone an incredible transformation.

According to Margaret, "when Maurice arrived at Rossendale from the hospital, he had a 100% turnaround. It's been amazing to see him go from frail and completely unresponsive, to alert and having full conversations again.”

Now, Margaret visits almost every day and truly enjoys her time there. She has established a close relationship with the staff and even arranged a reading group for the community twice monthly. "It really is a friendly, warm atmosphere," she says. "The staff, including the cleaning, laundry, maintenance, and care team, treat Maurice like family."

Margaret's positive experience inspired her to support others facing a similar transition, and she offers a listening ear to those in need of comfort.

“I’m so at ease knowing Maurice is so well cared for,” says Margaret. 

“To anyone else feeling as overwhelmed as I was, I’d say: relax, listen to the staff and how they relate to the residents. They know what they’re doing, and you’re in good hands.”


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