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Raft of investments at Bupa St Kilda delivering benefits to dementia community

Date: 10 Aug 2023

Investments in digital technology, the onboarding of six new nurses and a reboot of the activities calendar is delivering immediate benefits to Bupa St Kilda’s dementia community.

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The investments include the introduction of Tovertafel, an interactive digital console designed to reduce restlessness in residents living with dementia, works by projecting interactive lights onto a flat surface in the form of games and activities.

General Manager, Bupa St Kilda Care Home Clare Coles explains, “It stimulates cognitive, physical, social, and sensory experiences that residents find stimulating, and relaxing, and helps to promote social engagement between residents and staff. We’ve seen an increase in the social integration of many residents living with dementia who have engaged with the Tovertafel, which is so encouraging.”

But it’s the investment in people that’s proving most effective in delivering optimal resident care. The addition of six nurses and 12 new caregivers to provide round- the-clock support to residents, and an expansion of the activities programme has increased connection, belonging and fulfilment at the home.

The changes at St Kilda Care Home and Retirement Village under the leadership of new General Manager Clare Coles are proving to have a significant impact on its residents and their families.

With over 25 years at Waikato Hospital and other healthcare roles in the Waipa district, Clare is combining her nursing knowledge and leadership insights to provide exceptional resident-focused care at Bupa St Kilda.

“As one of New Zealand’s largest providers of dementia care, our goal is to support residents to live meaningful and purposeful lives. To do this better, we needed to increase our team numbers to provide the best possible level of care. We now have nine registered nurses and 32 caregivers."

“Relationships, conversation, interaction, belonging. These human connections are so important and especially so for our residents living with dementia. The Activities Assistants and Caregivers are so crucial in enabling these connections among residents, their whānau, and staff,” says Coles.

Clare's personal connection with the community supports her passion for the job. “I’ve lived in Te Miro and worked in the wider district for over 25 years. It’s a privilege to now be working in aged care in our community,” says Coles.

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