Remember mum this Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate to our mothers that we love and appreciate them.

Below are some thoughtful ways to honour your mother’s memory or celebrate with her on the day.

Here are a few creative ideas to remember mum [1]:

  1. Talk to your family and friends about one of your mum’s favourite recipes
  2. Reach out with a random act of kindness – do something nice for a stranger in memory of your mum
  3. Write down a few of your mother’s favourite sayings. Reading back over her words later can be a great source of comfort when you need guidance or a familiar voice.
  4. Place some of your mum’s favourite flowers on her grave

If your mother is still around make time to get in touch with her. Let your mother know that you love and appreciate her. If you’re unable to see her in person on Mother’s Day, give her a call. If you live overseas send her a card but a phone call will make her day [2].

Here are a few ideas to celebrate together on the day:

  1. Write a card and personalise it to her likes and taste
  2. Think about what are her favourite things and give her a little gift
  3. Cook for (or with) your mum
  4. Go for a walk somewhere nice together

If you live close by, pop in to see your mum for a tasty morning or afternoon tea or organise a family get-together. You might also like to take a little present; maybe some chocolates, flowers, a nice card or a subscription for her favourite magazine.

Discuss your Mother’s Day ideas with other family members to make sure your plans and gifts work together with everyone else.

Whether you are honouring your mother’s memory or celebrating on the day, have fun and do things to create some long lasting and positive memories.






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