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Poetry from the Heart by Michelle Mills

Written to help families and care partners of people living with dementia.

I am not an expert. I have some sound knowledge and over ten years’ experience working on the floor with people who have dementia. All that I do and every word I have, comes from the heart

Michelle Mills


I mirror the mood
Reflected in your face

So your gift to me would be
Put a smile in place

Nothing makes me feel more down
Than looking at someone who is wearing a frown

I like that reassuring hand on my arm
It means to me that you mean no harm

And I’m not adverse to a hug or two
It shows me you care about the job you do

Please speak to me in a gentle tone 
When harsh words are said I feel so alone

We are going to be a partnership for a while 
So I would feel a lot happier if you would just smile

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