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Northhaven marks 10 years

Date: 16 Nov 2023

Bupa Northhaven marks 10 years of laughter and friendship

All the residents at Northhaven retirement village

Bubbles, cake and a lovely morning tea, marked a very special birthday for Bupa Northhaven.

The room hummed, as resident DJ/ MC Alan Reeves played everyones favourite songs and kicked off the festivities.

Dawn operations manager speaking

Addressing the gathering, Dawn Carey, Bupa’s Regional Operations Manager for Northern, summed up what she found so special about the village.

“All of you here today are what makes Northhaven such a great place. I love coming here, I love the laughter, the energy and fun. I congratulate you on turning this building into a community and a home."

“When Bupa opened Northhaven, the Kaumātua said he knew it had a good heart and so gave it a good blessing, and as I look around today and see the friendships and support you provide each other, I’d say he knew what he was talking about.”

Residents at Northhaven retirement village

Cutting the cake were husband and wife, Hans and Beate Daum, key members of the Ten Club, an informal group of Northhaven’s first residents. The groups efforts, whether it was Trish, who helped design and care for the beautiful gardens at the village, Hans who organised the first pizza evenings or the tradition of framing completed puzzles, which now line the hallways, have created an community were residents know each other and look out for either other.

Cutting Bupa Cake

The morning tea was also an opportunity to acknowledge the role played by our people.

“The unsung heroes of Northhaven are Diana Mironov, Eva Mcgonigal, Tracy North and Bart Diedericks. Thank you for everything that you do for our residnets. Your efforts mean everything is spick and span and works seamlessly. You put great care into organising activities and outings. All so that our residents can get on with living their best lives, ” added Dawn.

Celebration Bupa Northhaven with ballons

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