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New care wing at Bupa Rossendale delivers well-needed continuum of care for Hamilton

Date: 29 Sep 2023

Construction of Bupa Rossendale Care Home’s new wing has been completed delivering 50 extra hospital and rest home beds for the Hamilton region.

Located on Insoll Avenue, the Care Home specialises in hospital, rest home and psychogeriatric care. Care Home Manager Melissa Briones says the new wing will help ease the urgent need for more care beds in the Hamilton region.

Briones explains, “This new wing enables us to classify beds as either rest home or hospital level care in the one community. This is especially important to provide a continuum of care for our residents. It enables a resident, who may need extra care or support to remain here onsite while they receive the care they need.

“Each individual is assessed when they first come to us, so we can provide the right level of care as and when they need it. And those needs may change over time. To know you can remain in the same room, even when your care needs change is critical to providing certainty to our residents and families.

“Everyone has different requirements, so we work with our residents to deliver the right level of care”

Care Home Manager Melissa Briones

But it’s the investment in people that’s proving most effective in delivering optimal resident care. The addition of five nurses, a Unit Coordinator and 14 new caregivers to provide round-the-clock support to residents has helped support connection and belonging at the home.

“As one of New Zealand’s largest providers of aged care, our goal at Bupa is to support residents to live meaningful and purposeful lives. To do this better, we needed to increase our team numbers to provide the best possible level of care.

With over 25 years of experience as a registered nurse, Melissa is combining her nursing knowledge and ethos of caring with empathy to provide exceptional residentfocused care at Bupa Rossendale.

“Relationships, conversation, interaction, belonging. These human connections are so important. Our team are so crucial in enabling these connections among residents, their whānau, and staff,” says Briones.

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