Keeping the family close with medical alarm technology

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Being together as a family can provide needed support when there are challenges to face. And sometimes a little technology can make all the difference.

Sandra story | Medical Alarms | Bupa

Sandra White’s parents returned to New Zealand several years ago and moved to a rural area on the Kaipara Harbour. Their chosen location was very isolated, which made life a challenge because both of Sandra’s parents were living with health conditions. But being together as a family was enormously important to them all. 

With my parents’ ill-health, we wanted to be able to call an ambulance, fire brigade or the police service at the press of a button


Given their location, Sandra started researching ways for the family to remain together while still having security in case of emergencies. A little technology can cover a great distance and Sandra found out about a Bupa medical alarm. The alarm catered to her needs as well as her parents. 

“With my parents’ ill-health, we wanted to be able to call an ambulance, fire brigade or the police service at the press of a button,” Sandra says. 

Sandra and her parents were all diagnosed with cancer but maintaining their independence was important to them. “As a carer with no medical background, it feels distressing to be responsible for determining whether or not a medical situation is an emergency. It was comforting to know that my parents weren’t alone,” says Sandra. 

Despite the challenging circumstances, being able to spend time together as a family was precious. And the family chose to live in a really positive way. 

“I am grateful that our family have had the most valuable conversations ever,” Sandra says. The conversations the family had are difficult ones, particularly for Maori, Sandra believes. But, being together in their home, they were able to share their feelings. 

Sandra kept her family safe in several emergencies by alerting their medical alarm. The fire brigade arrived early one morning to save the family’s property from a deliberately-set fire. The family also requested an ambulance several times. On other occasions they received advice after using their alarm, which helped them figure out which action to take. 

Having a medical alert device enabled Sandra and her family to be together in a remote place and bring each other strength and support. It wasn’t just the technology that made a difference, it was the personal touch of their representative, Pamela Lomas. She understood and supported their need to be independent as a family. 

“We really appreciate her personal care and support,” says Sandra. “She goes beyond the call of duty and our family were so touched that she attended my father’s tangi at Waihaua Marae. It was a special time for us and we knew father was treasured, loved and in the best hands.”

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