Jerson Story Part 1: Award-winning food at Bupa Harbourview

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Hear what Erin McGlynn, the Manager from Harbourview Care Home in Porirua, has to say about working with Jerson Lat – the award-winning Head Chef.

Jerson Lat fish main at competition | Bupa

Jerson Lat's competition dish

Most of us may have pre-conceived ideas about the food served at a Care Home, but at Bupa Harbourview Care Home in Porirua, one chef in particular has been making waves in the kitchen by serving up food that looks like it was plated by a food stylist.

Erin McGlynn – Harbourview Care Home Manager

“His food looks amazing and tastes amazing, it doesn’t matter what it is – it all tastes good”, says Harbourview Care Home Manager, Erin McGlynn, with enthusiasm. Since starting at the Care Home in February, Erin says she's noticed how healthy the residents look and how they eagerly look forward to meals. “At mealtimes they’re ready and waiting,” she says.

Taking care of the elderly has its challenges. Good nutritional food, amongst several other things, is central to a good functioning Care Home. “Whatever Jerson makes is always fine,” says Erin. “There’s always a few that don’t like new flavours or tastes but you get that, and he caters for them as well, so it keeps everyone happy,” she replies.

When asked if she has a favourite dish or one that was memorable, Erin’s response is “I can’t choose, I like all of it. ” When further requested if she could perhaps choose a single dish, just one that stood out to her, she replies, “Its all good. There’s nothing that stands out...because ALL of it stands out. ALL of it is good”. When one sees Jerson’s food (pictured below), it’s easy to understand what Erin is talking about.

Leading up to his competition, Jerson had a few tastings for staff and residents. “I can’t remember what he served, but it tasted great. It’s the way he presents it on the plate…there was fish with coconut and broccoli and the way it was plated, it just looked fantastic,” says Erin.



When asked about the competition, Erin proudly had the following to say:

“Our very own Chef, Jerson, competed in the NZ Chefs National Salon for top rest home chef in Auckland. Jerson had 90 minutes to create and serve a main meal that included hoki loin, mash with two fresh vegies of his choice (pictured above), a dessert and another meal for those requiring a soft diet – and Jerson was awarded second place! We are extremely proud of Jerson and his achievement as we know how much effort he put into this competition and most of us at the care home had the opportunity to be taste testers as he prepared for the competition. You are our legend Jerson.”

Feedback and suggestions about the food are always welcome at Harbourview – this is one of the ways Erin and Jerson have kept the menu new and interesting at Harbourview Care Home.


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