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Evergreen camellia tree for care home

Date: 15 Jun 2021
Arbor Day Thames2

Bupa The Booms Care Home residents celebrated Arbor Day by planting a new tree in their backyard.

The camellia shrub blooms with a single or double flower from mid-summer to mid-winter and were used as a symbol of the suffragette movement.

Resident Arthur Knight grabbed the spade and dug a hole twice as wide and deep as the pot the tree came in. The Thames care home held a special morning tea to celebrate the planting.

Care home manager Jade Monigatti says the best time to plant a camellia tree is in winter and are evergreen.

“The residents were very excited about choosing the best spot to plant their new tree.”

Arbor Day is held on 5 June and draws attention to the importance of planting and tending to trees in New Zealand. 

Arbor Day Thames3