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Bupa welcomes Global CEO

Date: 04 Nov 2024

Recently we had the pleasure of welcoming Bupa’s Global CEO Iñaki Ereño to Aotearoa, New Zealand. Iñaki was joined by Nigel Sullivan, Chief Sustainability & People Officer, for his first ever visit to New Zealand.

Iñaki visited our team in Auckland to share his support of the Bupa New Zealand business as we continue to innovate and invest in care for our residents. It was a great opportunity to reflect on our part in a global business, that employs over 82,000 people to support 43 million customer across 25 businesses worldwide.

Bupa corporate office

It was also fantastic to hear from Nigel that as a group, we are on track to achieving our sustainability missions – approaching our targets for reducing our carbon footprint, procuring 100% of our electricity from renewable sources across APAC, and contributing $1m to regeneration projects in New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong with the completion of Healthy Cities in September.

CEO of Bupa Global

The duo also visited our Sunset and Wattle Downs Care Homes and Retirement Villages, a valuable opportunity to demonstrate the important work we do to deliver care and serve our communities and hear first-hand from our residents about their experiences at Bupa.

CEO Bupa Global visiting NZ staff

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