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Bupa launches Healthy Cities programme

Date: 01 Sep 2023

Bupa has launched the Healthy Cities initiative program in New Zealand and Australia, with Bupa employees walking throughout the month of September to unlock $1 million in funding to help restore urban environments.

Healthy Cities is a global Bupa initiative designed to empower people to adopt healthy, long-term habits in their everyday lives, while unlocking investment in nature. Through ‘Move Month’ in September, Bupa employees will be asked to complete activities and challenges that will unlock investment from Bupa into the restoration of the environment in urban areas through our partners AirSeed Technologies, Earthwatch Australia, Greening Australia and Project Crimson Trust.

Bupa APAC CEO Nick Stone said the program was developed to bring to life the link between our own health and the health of the planet, leveraging new trends in fitness wearables with Bupa research finding a third of Australian adults monitor their health using an app or wearable[1].

“It’s long been understood that getting moving in nature is good for your physical and mental health."

“New research also suggests walking as little as 4,000 steps a day can improve your overall health[2] and exposure to thriving green spaces can reduce the risk of conditions and diseases such as type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and stress,”

Bupa APAC CEO Nick Stone

Healthy Cities Move Month is simple. The more steps people take, the more money gets invested. We’re helping our people to see firsthand how adopting healthy habits in their day-to-day lives will not only improve their overall health, but the health of the planet. "

“It’s not only good for their overall health and wellbeing, but they can feel good about how they’re contributing to the health of the planet though the funding we’ll invest in our community partner programs,” Mr Stone said. 

Bupa’s Healthy Cities initiative is already delivering amazing results around the world, with 88,000 trees planted and 10 urban environments across Europe and Latin America regenerated in 2022. In Hong Kong Healthy Cities launched earlier in the year, with funds already put to work with partners The Green Earth and Clearbot

“Along with our people, we’re thrilled to ha.ve some of our corporate and community partners such as Conservation Volunteers Australia, yourtown (operators of Kids Helpline), Tabcorp Australia, Wyndham Destinations, and The Shannon Company on board to help us achieve our goals and launch this exciting program.

“Step by step, and through a real team effort we’re going to do our bit to restore our precious and unique environment in Australia and New Zealand through the creation of Tiny Forests, regeneration of wetlands, planting of native seeds, and more; all of which will go towards making a healthier planet,” Mr Stone said.

Healthy Cities is key part of Bupa’s Mission Regenerate, and our overall Sustainability Strategy. Our objectives are to restore the health of our planet through community-based programs that focus on regenerating the clinical environment and participating in partnerships to bring our clinical expertise to drive health benefits through the conservation of natural ecosystems.


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