Dental Patient Experience

Once you’ve found your nearest Bupa owned dentist, your first visit will depend a lot on, well, you! Everyone’s dental needs are different, which is why our teams believe in tailoring your visit. However, you can still expect a couple of things at your first appointment.

First, we’ll ask you a few questions about your dental and medical history. This is to make sure we deliver the best care possible, and also to get a sense of any issues you might want to discuss. We recommend arriving just a few minutes early to allow for a medical history form and any initial questions you’d like to ask. If you have any concerns like pain, discomfort or dental trauma, definitely mention this to us when making your appointment. This helps us prioritise your treatment and focus on urgent issues right away.

Your first appointment will almost always include a comprehensive exam. We’ll check your teeth, gums and jaw, looking closely for any signs of decay. Your dentist will likely look at any previous dental work like crowns or fillings, just to make sure they’re still functioning as they should. Our teams may also examine your bite, lymph nodes, salivary glands or soft tissues (i.e. areas like your tongue). Basically, we’ll be looking for any sign of issues that could affect your oral or general health.

From there, we’ll typically explain any findings and, if necessary, our recommended treatment. We’ll explain your options in-depth and answer any questions you may have.

You’ll probably also receive a professional clean from your dentist or hygienist. Professional cleaning helps keep your teeth healthy and can play a big role in preventing dental problems. Because oral hygiene doesn’t stop at the dentist’s office, we’ll talk to you about brushing and flossing techniques to use at home.

Some people also require services like x-rays, oral cancer screenings or moulds. If we think you need any of these steps, we’ll explain them to you beforehand.

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