Bupa Smiles dental plan

As part of our ambition to make quality dental care more accessible, we’ve introduced Bupa Smiles, a dental plan for preventive care. For less than $1 per day (or $30 per month)*, you can access these preventive services:

  • 1x full check-up and screening per year
  • 2x X-rays per year (if required)
  • 2x 45-minute oral hygiene appointments per year.

The cost of the Bupa Smiles plan is 13% less than the average NZ price of the above services**. To see full terms and conditions, visit www.bupasmiles.co.nz/termsandconditions.

Preventive care may enable you to save you money in other ways too. Data from the Ministry of Health suggests that a majority of young adults (ages 18-34) don’t visit the dentist until they have a problem1. Sometimes this can result in needing more extensive and expensive treatment down the road.

When you sign up for Bupa Smiles, you’ll have two options:

  1. Pay $90 upfront and access your Bupa Smiles plan right away.
  2. Pay monthly instalments ($30) and access your Bupa Smiles after three months’ payment.

How do I sign up for Bupa Smiles?

  1. Head to www.bupasmiles.co.nz to find a dental clinic that offers Bupa Smiles.
  2. Submit your application at the dental clinic you found through the Bupa Smiles website.
  3. Choose whether you want to pay $90 upfront and access services right away, or pay three monthly instalments before accessing your plan.
  4. Bupa Smiles payments are direct-debited from your bank account each month.
  5. Make an appointment with your dental clinic and start accessing your Bupa Smiles services.

For more information, please visit www.bupasmiles.co.nz.

*Services are only accessible after three months of payment. Otherwise, a lump sum of $90 can enable immediate access to services.

**New Zealand Dental Association. 2018 Fee Survey. [Online] 2018 [Accessed June 2018] Available from: www.healthysmiles.org.nz

1 Ministry of Health. Annual Update of Key Results 2015/16: New Zealand Health Survey [Online] 2016 [Accessed June 2018] Available from: minhealthnz.shinyapps.io

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