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Your Career

We’re proud of our people and we aim to attract and retain the best.


We seek to ensure our people have the skills needed to achieve the outcomes required of both their current role and the role they aspire to have. As a company, our job is to provide you with a rewarding, nurturing environment in which you’re supported and encouraged to excel.

Our global size enables us to support you in transferring to both clinical and non-clinical positions around New Zealand and internationally, literally providing you with a world of opportunity.

Training and development is a priority to us. We currently have a range of options, which you’ll have access to:

In clinical areas:

  • Careerforce.
  • Competence Assessment Programme (CAP).
  • Progress Steps.
  • Professional Development Recognition Programme (PDRP):
    We’re the first aged care provider to have its PDRP recognised by the Nursing Council of New Zealand.

In all areas:

  • On the job development
  • Yearly performance development reviews
  • External training through our annual Learning and Development funding grants.
  • Internal leadership development programme.

Supporting Migrant and Employers of Migrants in Aged Care

In collaboration with sector stakeholders, including Bupa, Immigration New Zealand has developed two helpful and comprehensive guides with very useful information.

A Guide for Migrants: Working in Aged Care in New Zealand
Information on work rights and where to go for help, qualifications, health and safety, hours of work and tips on communication in the workplace as well as information about living in New Zealand.

A Guide for Employers: Are you employing migrant workers in Aged Care?
Information about some of the differences employers may find in employing migrants with insights and tips that will help you settle your new migrant workers into your workplace and maximise their contribution.

To order the above publications, email Immigration New Zealand and include the title of the guide you want, the number of copies needed and the physical (not postal) address to send them to.