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Levels of care:

Opened in January 2015, St Kilda is a purpose-built, modern home providing rest home, hospital and secure dementia care. The care home has 80 bedrooms and is positioned right next door to St Kilda Retirement Village.

Features of St Kilda:

• Friendly to make you feel at home.

• 24 hour assistance.

Landscaped courtyard gardens to enjoy while you relax.

• Views of the countryside

• Space for some quiet time.

• Café

• Hairdressers

All rooms are single en-suites.

• Communal dining room.

At St Kilda, understanding what you and your family need is paramount, because that’s the individualised care we want to provide. We know that this means different things for different people, so we take care to involve family and to make decisions together. It helps us to ensure that each day the best it can be.

We offer a range of activities and entertainment that gives you the opportunity to keep busy, learn new skills and get to know the other residents. You can get involved as much or as little as you like - it’s up to you how your spend your day. View more info about regular activities.

Regular activities and events at St Kilda

Musical therapy Cultural events Arts and crafts
Special event parties Library service Happy hour 
Church service Games Use of Velodrome for Tricycle rides
Local swimming pool access with hoist  

We want everyone to feel that St Kilda is their home. We encourage you to choose exactly how you spend your days and we go the extra mile to make sure that our care has you as an individual at the centre of it - your day, your way.

We take special care in recruiting the very best, experienced nursing and care staff. We ensure that they receive full training about the importance of getting to know each individual resident well and providing care in a way that is friendly and respects their wishes.

St Kilda boasts an exceptional audit record with the Ministry of Health. 

You can arrange a time to visit us by contacting our Care Home Manager, Brenda Boyce on (07) 827 0371 and you're always welcome to drop in and see us during business hours for a chat.

Feel free to visit us:
91 Alan Livingston Drive (off St Kilda Road), Cambridge

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