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Bupa The Gardens Care Home understands the importance of people, and are working with locals to enrich the lives of their residents as well as those in the community.

Collaboration with ABC Sunset Preschool

Bupa The Gardens Care Home recognises the importance of bringing generations together to encourage positive engagement.  Bupa The Gardens Care Home has a consistent relationship with both a local daycare and a local primary school nearby.

Children are welcome to share stories and engage with our residents. There are many social benefits to be gained for our residents and educational advantages for the children.  

Sacha has also presented in 2018 annual Alzheimer's Conference in Auckland, Presenting along ABC Sunset Preschool about their positive experiences of bringing young and old together through intergenerational interaction.

Commitment to a Dementia Friendly community

Bupa The Gardens Care Home is involved with the Rotorua Dementia Friendly Community Steering Group. Rotorua is the first city in New Zealand to initiate a Dementia Friendly Community. We’re very proud to contribute to a safer, healthier community.

Collaboration with One Chance New Zealand, a youth trust

We have developed a pilot programme for 2019 with Toi Ohomai and ABC – to create a Year 13 gateway programme for developing skills and gaining credits involving dementia, working with the elderly and young, and healthcare. This initiative raises awareness around dementia and is part of our intergenerational interaction focus.

*Please note that Bupa the Gardens Care Home does not have a Dementia Unit. For those who are looking for a safe and secure Dementia Unit for someone in their care, please refer to Bupa Redwoods Care Home in Rotorua.

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