All you need to know about braces

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A crooked smile can affect your confidence and issues such as crooked teeth, or an under- or over- bite, can also cause discomfort and problems later on in life.

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Are braces necessary? 

Never underestimate the value of a beautiful smile, says the New Zealand Dental Association. Unfortunately there are many people who, because of crooked teeth or misaligned jaws, face a lifetime of feeling unattractive, suppressing the natural urge to smile.”

In addition to the psychological benefits…there are also a number of health benefits to straighter teeth. The main reason being straight teeth are easier to clean, reducing the chances of tooth decay and gingivitis, says a spokesperson for the Australian Dental Association (ADA), which represents Australian and New Zealand dentists. These problems can often be helped by straightening your teeth through orthodontic treatments such as wearing braces.

Common reasons for braces

Your smile may benefit from braces for numerous reasons, some of the most common reasons are:

  • Crowded teeth – a condition in which you have too many teeth, or your teeth are too large for your jaw size
  • Overbite - when your upper jaw overlaps with your lower jaw, this affects you being able to close your teeth correctly.
  • Cross bite - when teeth in your lower jaw overlap your teeth in your upper jaw.
  • Spacing - Excessive spacing between your teeth can result when your teeth are abnormally small, or the jaw is unusually large. Prominent or missing teeth can also produce gaps between your teeth.

Can teeth move back after having a brace?

The ADA says that there is a high likelihood that your teeth will move back after your braces have been removed, particularly within the first few months. This is because the gums and bone around your teeth need to readjust and firm up, they say. Therefore after your braces are removed you For more information, please check out: The Blue Room Editorial Guidelines Bupa Blue Room Article Template need to wear retainers (a removable retainer plate) to hold your teeth in their new positions and keep them straight.

While it may feel daunting at first to wear braces, it can help to envisage how straight your teeth will be and how beautiful your smile will be after they are removed. please include all sources referred to throughout the article

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