What we do

Our purpose is to help people live longer, healthier, happier lives. We do this by providing care homes, retirement villages, medical alarms, dental and rehabilitation.

We’re ambitious in our goals and it’s exciting because it will require us to engage in new approaches and partnerships that go far beyond where we currently are.

We’re extremely proud of the level of care we provide for our residents and boast an excellent record when measured against national standards. Each of our care homes undergoes a regular Ministry of Health audit and we’re always more than happy to share those results with you.

We maintain our excellence by frequently benchmarking the quality of our care, across both staff and locations. Each month we collate all of our incident reports, complaints and compliments, review them and make changes where necessary. Every year we also compare the results of our Resident Satisfaction Survey so that we can take steps to ensure that all our homes and villages are on a par with the best performing ones.


Our Aged Care credentials

Bupa has released its Aged Care credentials, which act as a proof point demonstrating how we are taking a stand for the frail and elderly in our society.

The credentials are split into four deliverables: Taking a stand for the frail and elderly in our society; Bupa's global expertise in aged care; Person First: the Bupa model of care; and an Executive Summary, which can all be downloaded below.


We are committed to shaping global dementia care.

As the largest international provider of specialist dementia care and the only international federation of Alzheimer's associations with a global voice on dementia. Bupa and the ADI intend to revolutionise care and continue to campaign to ensure people living with dementia are able to live well and family and friends are supported.

That is why we have joined forces to outline, for the very first time, what we believe are the rights of people living with dementia, wherever they are in the world. Supported by 'enablers' - a list of actions and accountabilities that purchasers of care, providers, society and governments can do to improve care and support in their country - our joint Global Dementia Charter, 'I can live well with dementia' has been written for, and endorsed by, people living with the condition.

We are committed to shaping global dementia care and having people living with dementia lead happier lives, for as long as they can. That is our vision. This is our purpose.

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