Supporting a healthy planet

New Zealand's growing older population, a rise in chronic disease and changes to our climate are all putting increasing pressure on the healthcare industry and the planet. Keeping the world well and healthy through everyday actions is important to us because better, informed decisions made today will lead to healthier outcomes for both ourselves and our environment.

Our goal by 2015 is to enable 60 million people to make positive changes towards becoming healthier, happier and to protect the environment. As a company, we aim to have reduced our carbon footprint by 20 percent.

To keep people well, we’ve launched a number of initiatives in New Zealand. Our Health and Wellbeing programme engages employees to be proactive in managing their own health and to make better choices every day with regards to lifestyle, exercise and nutrition.

In association with CarersNZ, a body of support for family carers in New Zealand, we have launched CarersAir, an online community and resource that aims to encourage informal carers to make positive changes to their lifestyles. You can find out more here.

Switching to low carbon energy will be key to making a major impact on creating a healthy planet. Since early 2012, we have undertaken various energy efficiency initiatives, such as replacing all showerheads in our care homes and retirement villages with ones which reduce water waste, usage and heating. In some of our care homes we collect rainwater, which is used to irrigate gardens, and have installed solar hot water systems.

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