Our Sites

Our community homes are located in residential areas of Whangarei, West Auckland, South Auckland, Hamilton, Gisborne, Hastings and Palmerston North. Each place, made up of a mix of houses and flats, is relatively small scale; fitting between 12-24 people.

If you require close supervision or a high level of support, you would then live in one of our sites with other residents. If your needs are lower and you are already working toward independent living, then you would stay in one of our 1-2 bedroom flats.

At our home, you will re-learn daily activities, participate in the running of a home, do your own shopping and cooking under supervision and engage with the community regularly.

Our diverse network of providers consists of:

All of these people are dedicated to giving support to your loved one and helping to continue the fulfilment of their rehabilitation program. View one of our sites below to view a typical day.

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