How can I be sure

The best judges of our care are our residents and their families. So we make sure that you and your family are with us every step of the way as we make decisions about your care together.

All healthcare providers in New Zealand must undergo a regular Ministry of Health audit to achieve certification against the Health and Disability Service standards. We strive to achieve high standards, which is reflected in our audit results.

We also have annual Resident Satisfaction Surveys, which provide us with direct feedback from residents and their families on how they enjoy life at our care homes.

In addition, we collect information about any incidents that happen in our care homes as we believe in being as transparent as possible about the care we provide.

You’ll find the quality indicators as well as the audits and the Resident Satisfaction Survey results of our care homes below.

For more information on the New Zealand Aged Care Association, please visit their website here.

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