Roast day proves popular at Broadview Village

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It’s roast day on Friday’s during winter at Bupa Broadview Retirement Village.

Karen the Village Manager has been organising a roast day at Broadview for the past two winters. “One day I was out and about in the van with my residents. We were talking about what we were having for dinner that night and I mentioned I was cooking a roast dinner. Several residents said they don’t cook roast dinners anymore, as it’s not worth cooking for one. So that’s how the idea of our roast lunches started”.

Prior to working at Bupa, Karen owned a catering business for 15 years, and really enjoys cooking and eating good food. With this background, preparing and cooking a roast for up to 30 people she finds quite easy.

Each week Karen cooks a roast meal plus dessert for up to 26 people. Once it’s ready they all sit down together in the communal dining area. The menu changes depending on what meat is on special and it’s served with roast vegetables, broccoli, peas and glazed carrots. Each week residents suggest desserts they would like and this might be apple crumble or bread and butter pudding served with custard, cream and ice cream.

Karen says, “I enjoy seeing all the residents having a good time. They are a very social bunch and any excuse to get together they are there. Many residents are good cooks themselves, so they really appreciate having tasty food made with love”.

Some comments from Broadview Village residents:

“A roast meal, followed by a favourite family-style dessert, is on the menu every Friday during winter. This is cooked by our village manager and is much appreciated by the residents at Broadview Village. The opportunity to enjoy a roast dinner with friends has become a great addition to our winter social program” says Janet.

Helen says: “At Broadview Village most of us live alone, are good cooks, and we all enjoy roast dinners. But we don’t cook a roast dinner to eat alone. So we’re very fortunate that during winter we all come together in the community centre and enjoy eating a splendid roast dinner with a variety of vegetables, gravy, sauce with all the trimmings, and a pudding to follow”.

Colleen Newton says: “Often I helped Karen serve the roast meals. Picture it, roast meat all sliced, golden roast potatoes, kumara, parsnips, leeks or cauliflower in sauce, carrots and broccoli. Not all vegetables are served on the same day, but we always have a jolly good variety. Knives, forks, napkins, gravy, cheese sauce all served as quickly as possible on warmed plates and then pudding to follow, which might be chocolate pudding and sauce, steamed pudding or apple crumble served with cream and custard. Big contented yawns abound, thanks Karen we love it.”

Find out more about Bupa Broadview Retirement Village or call Karen on (06) 344 2341.


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