Day care

Many of our care homes offer day care services. Our Day Care programme offers care, support and activities for elderly people living in the community. You can be assured that we have the empathy and understanding that you would want for your loved one – while you take some time out.

Why is a day activities programme so important?

Caring for someone can be a full time job. And, as a carer it is all too easy to carry on working without a break, not realising how exhausted or stressed you have become.

This can ultimately have an impact on your own health. Activities programmes can give you the chance to relax, regroup your energy and have some much deserved time for yourself, leaving you energised and happier, and with more to give.

Day care can be an important part of caring for an elderly person at home. For people being cared for at home, it can provide a change, the company of different people and some stimulation through other activities, while giving their caregiver a welcome break.

For people living alone, it offers a day out and the opportunity to socialise with other people.

Day care at a glance

The daily programme varies at each care home, below is an example of how your loved ones day may occur.

Variety and activities

We offer an interesting range of activities, tailored to the interests and abilities of each person. We take care to get to know everyone properly, and always have some one on one social time.

Our caring staff

Our caring staff will take time to understand what you need and what you like. It is very important to us that everyone feels at home while they visit with us.
Medications can be sent with the participants as long as they are accompanied by a script in their name verifying dosages and frequency of medication administration.

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